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Angels Come Back
Stop Breathing – Before You Stop Believing in the Music

Angels Come Back takes us on a musical journey from Gospel to Rock to Soul to Funk and back through the eyes of three people who dream it, live it and love it.
Shane Devon and Matthew McBride are two orphans who have gone from obscurity to fame through one hit song from their duo ‘Body and Soul’. Matthew revels in the spotlight of fame, but Shane seeks a truer light. When Shane goes on a spiritual quest to find what’s missing, he inadvertently finds the mysterious Angel – a young and beautiful songstress with a tainted past. With Matthew’s drive, Shane’s talent and Angel’s spirit it seems there’s no stopping the three from becoming legendary, but a life changing event derails their dreams.

20 years later they are reunited. Using a risky scheme to return to the music industry, Matthew sacrifices all in order to finally get Angel her deserved super-stardom. He partners with unscrupulous street hustlers and endangers them both. Shane is the only one who can rescue them from the streets and themselves, but doesn’t have the heart or will to do it. The scars left from years still haunt him. Angel is emotionally torn between Shane and Matthew. Will they overcome, right the wrongs and ensure that the music and the love they made survive?

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