“Whether thru design, art, directing, writing or creative leadership, I’ll play a role in the positive energy that evokes consciousness, change & resolve.” – JKM

John Kennedy McCray is an American artist, actor, author, screenwriter, director and film/stage producer. He was instrumental in creating and/or co-founding several cultural enrichment enterprises and businesses that fostered human services and utilized his unique multi-talented gifts. His most recent companies Black Animation Network, LLC, 2bfilms Productions and Direct Action Media Academy, Inc. (Co-Founded with Monzell Dunlap) and Tri-Bell Productions, Inc. offer timely snapshots of his life’s purpose.

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He has received much critical acclaim for his visual art, as well as for his work in film and stage including his contributions to unconventional projects, such as playing lacrosse in 1981 for ‘The Legendary 1st African American Lacrosse Team – Morgan State University Bears’, The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Holiday Movement and The MAAFA International’s National Monument Proposal honoring the Middle Passage in Washington, DC.

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In addition to these endeavors, John released his first published book entitled ‘Poems from Zen Light – The Humane Being‘ in April 2011. In the acknowledgement John wrote: “Perfect infallible people, do not angels make. As a testament to the human spirit and testimony to its resolve, Poems From Zen Light – The Humane Being is an inspirational offering that celebrates and dances with thought and purpose.

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It is an honest depiction of life in American during the “2010 Depression” told from the prospective of a corporate “Golden Child” success devalued to a near state of homelessness. It fearlessly moves with honesty, heart and humor throughout. Anyone of conscious mind will appreciate. Anyone of humane spirit will identify.” John has also published and released the 4 book series ‘Angels Come Back’ along with his screenplay (Writers Guild of America, East.Inc. WGAE Registered) adaptation of the same name.


Some of my original Spoken Word & songs are available for listening at ReverbNation.

Available at ReverbNation John Kennedy McCray

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